Amit P Nahar

Amit P Nahar loves empowering entrepreneurs and managements of numerous Global enterprises to design their businesses.  With nearing two decades of experience in helping Entrepreneurs, Top CEO’s and Executives overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve greater success; he is on a mission to empower Business Owners to manifest Joy, Purpose and Abundance in their lives.


Business Design Coach

He has a unique track record of systematically accelerating organisations through the unique system of Business Design & Business Automation.


Business Speaker

Recognized as one of the top speakers in the business world, he has spoken at multiple platforms and empowered thousands of Entrepreneurs


Management Consultant

He is not someone who simply tells what you should do but serves as your partner, so together you are co-creating greater levels of success in your business


Success Routines Mentor

He firmly believes that you are a product of your routines and has mentored hundreds of people to unlock their true potential by planting the seed of Success

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Quick Facts

Business By Design

Sometimes, it only takes small changes to transform a business, but, too often, the business owner is too close to his or her business to see what needs to be done to make the right changes. That is where Amit P Nahar and his team of expert coaches, consultants, and mentors can help you.

More progressive

by Designing Your Business

More productive

by Automating Your Business

More profitable

by Accelerating Your Business

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Changing Businesses

Real People Real Results

Mr.Amarnaath Sudarsanam

Shri Aswini Brick Industries

Mr.Jinesh Gulecha

Associate Director

Mr.Nantharaman Manoharan

Sai Constructions

Mr.Rajendra Golchha

Promoter, Director
Golchha Group of Global Companies

Mr.Vigneswaran S

Dhyan Architects & Dhyan Foundation

Mr.Thameem Mohamed

Managing Director
Essalar Buildware


Textile Consultant


Jaiho Interiors

Mr.Raju Kannan Nandakumar

Managing Director
Satyam Homes Ltd

Mr.R Lokesh

R Lokesh & Associates

Mr.Karthik Ragul

Arun Traders